Why does this matter?

We combined a background of architecture, construction and design, and have gathered a team of creative, vibrant souls that also share our vision in believing that we are all one, and as one we believe another should never be left behind or be denied basic human rights such as shelter for protection.

It is passionate teamwork that empowers lives around us to change the world. Together with volunteers and communities in need, as experienced professionals we provide the certified training necessary to teach them how to build domes. No prior experience is needed. Domes are simple and easy to build.

We all know what the devastating effects can look like from hurricanes - or worse - in the Caribbean, Latin America, and around the globe. When a family’s home is destroyed it can affect their entire livelihood. Domes are an urgent go-to solution prior to and in the aftermath of humanitarian crises globally.

Areas of Focus

Human Rights

We believe no one should ever be without safe and sanitary shelter, as it is a basic human right.


We focus on building affordable, permanent sustainable dome shelters and housing for (and with) people living in poverty, for disaster relief, and for humanitarian crises.


We globally partner with nonprofit organizations, building partners, government and non-governmental organizations and unite volunteers to act on lending their hearts and hands to help.


We seek to empower people to be the change in order to be leaders in their communities. Our desire is to convey a message of hope through our holistic vision - to reach out to a world in urgent need, to strengthen livelihoods for generations to come.

Our People

I firmly believe that leadership is more than a position or title. You can develop certain leadership habits that will help propel you into your destiny. Your love and care for others will be infectious and you'll never need to go it alone in life...

Founder & President

Daniella Gruenthal

Daniella is the founder and president of Domes for Humanity, where she leads the strategic organization of the foundation, implements educational training on dome building and evaluates the impact of the foundation’s sustainable outreach and vision.

Architectural Leadership

Susane Havelka

Susane is an architect and researcher with expertise in affordable housing, and cold climate housing research. With a twenty year professional practice, she holds a Masters in Architecture (Columbia University) and a BSc of Art and Design (MIT).

Partnership Development Director

Ivan Gruenthal

Ivan currently leads Learning & Development for the global marketing organization of one of the world’s largest and most trusted consumer products companies. He brings over 23 years of corporate experience in professional Sales, Sales Leadership, and Learning & Development.

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Your gift makes a difference. Each dollar supports the empowerment of people in poverty through natural rebuilding, education and knowledge.

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Be a citizen of humanity with us. Volunteering in communities gives you a chance to change someone’s life.

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Join forces with Domes for Humanity to create a smarter, more connected global community with us.