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Behind every life changed is someone who cares. That person is you.

We think outside the box with proven, disaster-resistant shelter for climate adaptation. With your partnership, we are a solution to going beyond shelter to transform entire communities from inside out by building hope and dignity, providing lifelong safety, and supporting job creation and local economies by training community members to build domes with us. As a result, monetary and physical building efforts decrease over time and loss of lives and livelihoods is mitigated. This is true sustainability.

We are committed to transform the way disaster relief is provided globally— and specifically in Haiti. With hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to massive earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding, and over half a million Haitians in Haiti without shelter, you are making an impact in someone’s life by investing in their future with each dome home and shelter built. 

Every dollar helps towards our Build 200 Domes campaign for Haiti. We have partnered with other Haitian organizations on the ground to ensure that your donation dollars go directly to our long-term reconstruction efforts. No one should ever have to live in extreme living conditions of lack of food, water, and shelter, and experience the tremendous trauma of losing their loved ones and the little they have built for themselves. Help is needed to restore hope to these Haitian families.

A sponsorship of $20,000 USD will provide a dome home for a family, the Just Water clean water filtration system, and train Haitians how to build the domes. One airform will build up to 100 homes. Every dome after the first will be 60-70% of the cost to build, so there is cost savings in materials. No amount is too small or large.

Thank you for giving the gift that lasts a lifetime!

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