Absolute protection

The construction method is similar to the EcoShell except that it is insulated. They are used for homes, shelters and commercial buildings, and are therefore the perfect option for rebuilding in the US where conventional homes and structures have been destroyed.

Monolithic Domes generally cost less to build compared to conventional buildings of the same size. Then there is cost recovery. The lifespan of the dome divided by the dome’s cost gives you a small number, and with minimal maintenance it can last several centuries. Cost savings of the Monolithic Dome coupled with significant energy savings means the structure becomes virtually free.

Monolithic dome build

Step 1.

"Forming stakes" for airform

Step 2.

Forming boards inside stakes

Step 3.

Plumbing and Electrical

Step 4.

Rebar cross pattern with concrete poured on top + Rebar on end.

Step 5.

"Airform" is placed on the ring base and it is inflated.

Step 6.

Insulation is sprayed on the interior surface of the Airform. Shotcrete is then applied over the insulation on the interior of the dome.

Step 7.

Interior plaster coating is applied, then exterior is coated with elastomeric coating to help with solar reflectance + any leaks or hairline cracks.

Ready to move in!

Monolithic Domes can be customized to any diameter needed.

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