The way we will erect and fabricate these domes ultimately depends on the solution for the needs required, but we will always need to purchase the "shell" of the dome which is an inflatable Airform from Monolithic fabricators, which is typically a PVC coated nylon or polyester fabric.

The design method for our domes is particularly engineered to withstand the devastating effects of natural disasters such as hurricane winds up to 400mph, F-4 tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, and prevent against rot, termites, and most manmade disasters.

Domes are proven nearly indestructible and are an urgent go-to solution prior to and in the aftermath of natural disasters and humanitarian crises nationally and globally as they replace failed conventional homes and shelters which has led to countless loss of lives.

Domes use half as much energy for heating and cooling and they use materials more efficiently for the same space utilized by a square conventional building. They also meet FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) standards and will never be restricted by climate or site location.

They will perform well in any climate, hot or cold as they are and can be built on virtually any site area including the mountains, beaches, underground or underwater.

Other possible sustainable products to purchase to build a dome include basalt rope and basalt rebar in place of traditional reinforced steel and fiberglass rebar inside the concrete of the dome, increasing the tensile strength of the dome by 3 times while being cost effective.

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EcoShell Domes

It’s the best building, if you want ultra low-cost housing. An EcoShell can be built with few materials. Generally, it consists of a rebar cage imbedded in two inches of concrete, with a simple roof coating over the outside.

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Monolithic Domes

Monolithic Domes are similar to the EcoShell except that they are insulated. They are used for homes, shelters and commercial buildings, and are therefore the perfect option for rebuilding in the US where conventional homes and structures have been destroyed

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Clean Water Relief

What if your means of obtaining drinking water was a long walk away, and the water was dirty? Water purification is essential. It’s one of the basic human rights besides food and shelter.

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