Our Culture

We do things differently

Domes for Humanity unifies people and communities to build disaster-resistant homes and shelters, leaving a sustainable impact on lives

We build

EcoShell Domes

The compound curve of the dome makes it stronger and longer lasting than virtually any other structure. They also take much less money and time to construct compared to conventional, rectangular buildings of the same size.

We build

Monolithic Domes

Monolithic Domes are similar to the EcoShell except that they are insulated. They are used for homes, shelters and commercial buildings, and are therefore the perfect option for rebuilding in the US where conventional homes and structures have been destroyed.

We want

Clean Water Relief

What if your means of obtaining drinking water was a long walk away, and the water was dirty? Water purification is essential. It’s one of the basic human rights besides food and shelter.

How We Do It

It’s superfast & easy

1. Ring Beam Footing

Formed with rebar cross pattern with concrete poured on top

2. Airform

Airform attaches to footing and inflated to form the shape of the dome

3. Steel or Basalt Rebar

An exterior rebar cage is embedded between concrete

4. Concrete

Applied by hand or with shotcrete pump. Allow time to dry and remove Airform from interior to reuse.

Become a volunteer

Give help where it's needed most

Be a citizen of humanity with us. Volunteering in communities gives you a chance to change someone’s life.

Become a partner

Get involved and build dignity

Join forces with Domes for Humanity to create a smarter, more connected global community with us.

Make A Donation

Let’s make something great together

Your gift makes a difference. Each dollar supports the empowerment of people in poverty through natural rebuilding, education and knowledge.

Our Partners

Renand Foundation work to improve the lives of everyone that comes across, one person or child at a time. It was born out of desire to provide a path for children that seek an education and possess a desire to work towards a better future.

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