Ultra low-cost housing

The two types of domes that we use to build are the Monolithic Dome or the EcoShell. They are both categorized as a thin shell concrete building.

The compound curve of the dome makes it stronger and longer lasting than virtually any other structure. They also take much less money and time to construct compared to conventional, rectangular buildings of the same size.

EcoShells are constructed with an airform, a rebar cage embedded in 2 or 3 inches of concrete, and a simple roof coating over the outside. And because of the concrete’s thermal mass, interior temperatures remain stable. One EcoShell's Airform can be peeled off to create 100 domes.

EcoShells are a great solution in less developed countries where sustainable structures are greatly needed.

The EcoShell is NOT an alternative for housing in U.S. climates - except for Hawaii.

EcoShell dome build

Step 1.

"Forming stakes" for airform

Step 2.

Forming boards inside stakes

Step 3.

Plumbing and Electrical

Step 4.

Rebar cross pattern with concrete poured on top + Rebar on end.

Step 5.

"Airform" is placed underneath clamp angles.

Step 6.

Concrete is applied by hand or with shotcrete pump - 24 hours to dry.

Step 7.

When the concrete is dried, the “Airform” will be able to be peeled off from the inside and ready to create another EcoShell.

Ready to Move In!

EcoShells can be customized to any diameter needed.

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